Over the last 20 years Dynamic Fabricators has supplied millions of cooling tower components to
thousands of cooling tower projects for many different customers all around the world.

Recent Projects

End User(#) Cells / SupplyLocation
TVA Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant (44) Cells Cooling Tower Header Piping Athens, AL
Hunterstown Comb. Cycle Plant (50) Cells ACC Fan Rings Hunterstown, PA
Athens Generating Plant (54) Cells ACC Fan Rings Athens, NY
Xcel Harrington Station (2) Cells Fanstacks Amarillo, TX
AEP Wilkes Plant (6) Cells Fanstacks Avinger, TX
Trans Canada Napanee (14) Cells Fanstacks Napanee, ON, Canada
Xcel Alan King Station Bypass Piping Bayport, MN
LG&E Cane Run Gen. Station (10) Cells Riser Piping & (4) Bypass Pipes Louisville, KY
Panda TempleI I (12) Cells Fanstacks Temple, TX
Panda Temple II (14) Cells Fanstacks Temple, TX
Panda Sherman (12) Cells Fanstacks Sherman, TX
Calpine Baytown Energy Cemter (12) Cells PVC Lateral Piping Baytown, TX
Xcel Cherokee Station (10) Cells Fanstacks Denver, CO