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Helmet Hardtops®
The original manufacturer of molded composite roof top solutions.

Amtech has a history of building commercial truck and camper canopies which inspired it to develop the HHT (Helmet Hard Tops®) line of products. The HHT evolved from Amtech’s commercial truck and trailer canopy market and all variants are available to the commercial marketplace. HHT provide a composite shelter solution for LTT (Light Tactical Trailers), HMMWV (Light Tactical Vehicles) and FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles and Trailers. Helmet Hardtops® are the only product of their kind and are an authorized replacement for canvas on various HMMWV, LTT and FMTV variants. The Helmet Hardtop® is unique in that it provides a solid hard cover providing lockable security and protection from the elements.

The Helmet Hardtop® is available in a multitude of configurations primarily differentiated by the vehicle, trailer, number of personnel doors on the vehicle, and height of the shelter. In addition to a product line readily available, Amtech offers custom solutions to support the unique requirements Defense Contractors often receive from the Defense Department.

The HHT product line offers a combination of new processes and materials including but not limited to: unique mounting hardware, lightweight door assemblies, and embedded bronze mesh to improve resin flow and act as an antenna ground plane. The entire HHT product line is offered for sale to the general public.

• Amtech is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered company
• Amtech is an Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action employer

All Helmet Hardtops® have a data plate which provides model number, serial number, date of manufacture, and CAGE code. Should questions ever arise regarding service this will allow Amtech personnel to respond to queries regarding that specific product.

Each variant of the HHT product line is designed to complement the cab, cargo bed, or trailer bed providing environmental protection and security. Amtech’s customer driven requests have resulted in many variants and patents (some pending). However, the various subtle modifications do not significantly alter the nongovernmental function, essential physical characteristics of the item or change the purpose of a process there are hundreds of HMMWV’s and light tactical trailers arriving monthly in the commercial market and Amtech is positioned to provide all of our models and accessories to this growing market. Some customers may not require the bells and whistles that others do but using (or not using) them would certainly not alter or affect the function or purpose.

Typical applications include mobile command and control (TOCS), Maintenance Contact Vehicles, Communications, Fire Control, Mobile Dental Clinics, Electronic Attack, Military Police, Artillery, Intelligence, Medical and Ambulances.

Helmet Hardtops® are manufactured as a homogeneous unit using high quality aircraft composite materials. The product has a uniform radius with no seams or overlaps for a long lasting and stress free structure. It is capable of withstanding ambient temperatures from -40 to 160°F in storage or transit, and 120°F plus solar load for normal operations. For weather protection our tops, without the aid of supplementary sealing, caulking, taping, or other means, are capable of withstanding a 40psi surface spray from 19 inches away. In addition, Helmet Hardtops® are resistant to the effects of blowing sand without damage and degradation.

Helmet Hardtops® are structurally robust and can withstand a (simulated) snow load of 40 pounds per square foot (lb./ft2) and a personnel load of 660 pounds static over 2ft without sustaining any physical degradation. The Helmet Hardtops® roof is impact resistant and can withstand a blow from a 30.0 pound steel cylinder with hemispherical end dropped from 30 inches above the surface without structural damage. During qualification testing on Legacy Variants static compression tests were carried out with the objective of determining what force was necessary to cause the product to buckle during swing lift operation. Government test engineers ratcheted the load up to 32,000 pounds of static pressure with no deformity or degradation of the product. This was 5,000 pounds in excess of the test requirement.