Helmet Hardtop® : Standard

Convert your canvas top to a one-time permanent solution. Our Standard Top is our most popular
model in the Helmet Hardtops® series with thousands in use by the Armed Forces today. In this configuration, the cargo area is covered, similar to a sport utility truck. We provide either a 2-door variant with our provided composite rear door plug kit, or a 4-door variant and a variety of options for curb or roadside storage compartments.

• Permanent Solution to Canvas • Secured Storage • Maximum Headroom and Interior Space


•  Standard fiberglass shelter
•  RFI and EMI shielding available
•  Hard points available
•  Cost effective upgrade from canvas
•  Secure storage
‐  Lockable compartments
•  Additional head room compared to canvas tops
•  CARC Finish; Desert Sand, OD Green, or Woodland Camo
•  Optional overhead rack system
•  Optional tailgate


Top Dimensions

Length: 122.5 inches
Width: 85 inches
Height: 32 inches
Weight: 417 lbs.

Crated Dimensions

Length: 133.5 inches
Width: 91.5 inches
Height: 48 inches
Weight: 832 lbs.

•  500 lb capacity on ribbed & reinforced roof
• Amtech Cage Code is 0C8U3
• Hardtop will fit hard & soft doors
• Antennas are not provided
•  Hardtop can be reinforced for antenna mounts
•  Camo paint is available upon request

Product Variations (OD Green)

Amtech Part 1551

With Side Storage Compartments
NSN 2510-01-446-3535

Amtech Part 1551-C

CARC Painted version of 1551
NSN 2510-01-502-7721

Amtech Part 1551-0

No Side Storage Compartments
NSN 2510-01-446-3542

Amtech Part 1551-0-C

CARC Painted version of 1551-0
NSN 2510-01-502-8840

Amtech Part 1551-1

With Side Storage Compartments
With Left Side Antenna Door and Ground Plane in Roof
NSN 2510-01-439-9949

Amtech Part 1551-1-C

CARC Painted version of 1551-1
NSN 2510-01-503-4573

Amtech Part 1551-4

with Left Storage Compartment ONLY
NSN 2510-01-446-3553

Amtech Part 1551-4-C

CARC Painted version of 1551-4
NSN 2510-01-502-8364


Product Variations (OD Sand)

Amtech Part 1552

With Side Storage Compartments
NSN 2510-01-446-3558

Amtech Part 1552-C

CARC Painted version of 1552
NSN 2510-01-502-6659

Amtech Part 1552-0

No Side Storage Compartments
No Windows
NSN 2510-01-446-3562

Amtech Part 1552-0-C

CARC Painted version of 1552-0
NSN 2510-01-502-9088

Amtech Part 1552-1

With Side Storage Compartments
With Left Side Antenna Door and Ground Plane in Roof
NSN 2510-01-446-3568

Amtech Part 1552-1-C

CARC Painted version of 1552-1
NSN 2510-01-502-8314

Amtech Part 1552-4

with Left Storage Compartment ONLY
NSN 2510-01-446-3576

Amtech Part 1552-4-C

CARC Painted version of 1552-4
NSN 2510-01-502-8842