FRP pipe & duct

Dynamic Fabricators is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of application specific (custom) high
quality fiberglass pipe, duct and pressure vessels for corrosive industrial applications. Our fiberglass reinforced pipe and fittings are manufactured in utilizing state of the art equipment processes and technologies. Our FRP pipe is manufactured on our CNC Filament Winding machine to precise industry standards ensuring consistency and quality in every product produced.


Our standard industrial piping systems are designed at 25 PSI rating and manufactured utilizing premium Isophthalic Polyester Resins providing excellent corrosion resistance in service temperatures to 160 degrees F. Since corrosion costs industry billions of dollars a year, our fiberglass piping systems are an excellent choice over metallic materials. Designed for the needs of the cooling tower industry, Dynamic Fabricators helically wound FRP pipe is in service in plants throughout the world.

Helically wound at a nominal 55 degree angle for optimum strength to weight ratio and manufactured to NBS PS 15-69 and ASTM D2996 standards, Dynamic Fabricators produces FRP pipe in diameters from 2” to 96” with a full range of standard and custom manufactured fittings.

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For almost two decades we have quietly gained a reputation for superior quality and dependability. Our highly trained staff uses the most advanced manufacturing technologies to minimize material waste and maximize labor productivity, which in turn allows us to offer this high quality product at a very cost competitive price.

rtrpipe & duct

Our product can be designed and manufactured to the customer’s requirements and design specifications. These piping systems are available in vinyl ester and epoxy resins with a broad range of corrosion resistance and physical properties. The wide selection of products and services allows you, the customer, to select the best and most economical piping system for your requirements.