Custom Solutions

For many years, Amtech has been providing custom solutions to satisfy new requirements emanating from new technologies. Major defense contractors have asked Amtech engineers to design vehicle tops that provide a versatile environment needed to protect systems used by war fighters. Amtech custom solutions are used by many integrators to support various program requirements. Below are some of the products we've designed to meet our customer's specifications:

climate Regulated cargo trailer (crct)
Light Tactical Trailer (LTT)
2-door cab

Custom Helmet Hardtops®

When a Program Manager is looking for a Helmet Hardtop® specifically tailored for his or her program, a discussion with Amtech will lead to the design of a top that is custom engineered for that program’s unique requirements. Sensitive electronic equipment is protected from rain and dust, and the tops allow for installation of major antenna arrays, up to 400 lbs., without degrading the environmental or mechanical properties of the top.

Before you invest in old, traditional, fabricated shelters for systems mounted on your vehicle or trailer we suggest that you investigate utilizing a custom Helmet Hardtop® from Amtech, one that is designed and sized specifically for the program you desire to field. But please remember Amtech's design team is not limited to vehicles but rather can adapt its composite expertise and process to virtually every metallic application be it body parts, Radom's, platforms, covers, consoles, or even refrigerated modules. Please bring your ideas and challenges to our design team.