Personnel doors

Amtech doors are used as direct replacements to canvas doors
and the fit is excellent to both our Helmet Hardtops® and military
canvas tops. Doors are shipped complete.

Roof Storage Racks

Amtech Roof Storage Racks are custom designed
for use with our Helmet Hardtops® including our
Short Cargo Bed Cover and Trailer Tops.

Spare Parts

Amtech provides stocked replacement parts for all of the products
we produce. Contact our Customer Service Department if the part you need
is not listed, and we will be pleased to help you.

Troop Seat Brackets

Troop Carrier seats can be added to your Mid and Short Bed Cargo Cover by using our
Bracket systems and modifying current bench seat slat length. We recommend
additional venting when adding Troop Carrier Seats to our units.